The Perfect Arts
Welcome to my Gallary.

I am Pankaj - Pankaj Wankhede. Though I was born in Ulhasnagar - a great Industrial Township in Thana District famous specially for Sindhi Community dedicated to trade and business. But I am brought up, educated in Khiroda - a very small village in Raver Tal - of District Jalgaon in Maharashtra state. My Father is a simple class four servant in the village high school. Though poor my father had spared no sence to educated and bring me up to this level.

The Perfet Arts

Till now I have hold seven exhibition of my own. First own was hold in 2002 at Khiroda. Itself then in 2002 itself my second own was hold at Art Plaza Bombay Next one of Kalidas Kala Dalan, Akola, Fourth one at Gurudeo Ravindra Nath Tagore Art Gallery, Jalgaon in 2003. Next at Art Entrance, Bombay Next in 2004 at Neharu Centre Bombay. Again at Kalidas Kala Dalan, Akola. After then from 2000 to 2005 every year.