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Salt-key commands

While working on salt, we do have many queries about its commands, version etc, in the salt category posts you will found out all the salt related queries and command explanation, so its recommend to follow salt category and E-mail me  , if you want to add or like to share the salt information with other users as well, so that we can post it on our blog.

* What is Salt-key?

Basically Salt-key is used to manage the Salt servers public keys used for authentication, we can enable or disable the public keys based authetication for server using the  Salt-key commands.

* How to check salt version?

We can use the –version to check the salt version.

Input command       #  salt-key –version
Command Output    # salt-key 2014.7.5 (Helium)

*  How to add new servers public key or How to add new minion server in the salt master?

To add new public key in salt master make sure that salt-minion is running on the minion server else you salt master won’t be able to connect the minion server. The syntax to add new minion server is as follows

salt-key -a minion-server-hostname

For example, we are configuring the server “”.

salt-key -a minion

root@mymaster [~]# salt-key -a
The following keys are going to be accepted:
Unaccepted Keys:
Proceed? [n/Y] Y
Key for minion accepted.

For more command , please checkout the salt categoray on daily basis for new updates…



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