Plesk FTP issue – Unable to update hosting preferences: system user update is failed

While changing FTP user password from the Plesk panel or from the shell the following error is occur.

Unable to update hosting preferences: system user update is failed: Unable to create system user: usermng: PAM password change failed: 20, Authentication token manipulation error

To resolve the above error refer to the following steps from the shell.

Open a file /etc/pam.d/plesk_usermng_encrypted and comment the “password required” line.

The file should look like

cat /etc/pam.d/plesk_usermng_encrypted
#password required try_first_pass
#password required
password required try_first_pass

After making the above changes, if you are still not able to change the FTP account password than login in to the shell and run the command because user information is not available in the /etc/shadow file which need to be re-sync by using the following command.


Now reset the passowrd

passwd username


Change the password from the Plesk panel.

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