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Bandwidth monitoring result

Install Bandwidth monitoring on Linux

We can monitor the bandwidth usage by using the third party too like  Bandwidth manager on the Linux server.

Login in to the server as a root user and follow the steps.

cd /usr/local/src

[/usr/local/src]#wget http://www.gropp.org/bwm-ng/bwm-ng-0.5.tar.gz

[/usr/local/src]tar -zxf bwm-ng-0.5.tar.gz

[/usr/local/src]#cd bwm-ng-0.5

[/usr/local/src/bwm-ng-0.5]#./configure; make; make install

/usr/local/src/bwm-ng-0.5]# bwm-ng

The bwm-ng command will show you the following result.

Bandwidth monitoring result

Bandwidth monitoring result

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