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Install Bandwidth monitoring on Linux

We can monitor the bandwidth usage by using the third party too like  Bandwidth manager on the Linux server.

Login in to the server as a root user and follow the steps.

cd /usr/local/src

[/usr/local/src]#wget http://www.gropp.org/bwm-ng/bwm-ng-0.5.tar.gz

[/usr/local/src]tar -zxf bwm-ng-0.5.tar.gz

[/usr/local/src]#cd bwm-ng-0.5

[/usr/local/src/bwm-ng-0.5]#./configure; make; make install

/usr/local/src/bwm-ng-0.5]# bwm-ng

The bwm-ng command will show you the following result.

Bandwidth monitoring result

Bandwidth monitoring result